STOP the American Invasion!!!
Col. Elliott's Company
British Indian Department.

A perfect FAMILY oriented hobby.

We recreate the daily lives of those people who served in His Majesty's Indian Dept.
by using equipment and clothing of that time period - camping, skirmishes and live fire re-enactments.

We are a recently formed unit looking for good men who are interested in recreating
life and warfare in 19c Upper Canada.

Must be
18 yrs. or older and of Good Character and Humour.

For further information contact:

Capt. Roy Winders
(weekdays between 5pm-8pm) (Sat./Sun. 9am-8pm)

Honourary Colonel,
Noted Author and Historian
Bob Blakeley
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Col. Elliott's Company: British Indian
Department 1812
Battle of Queenston Heights 2012
Col. Elliott's Company
The British Indian Department